Sadder Days

by Souvenirs

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released September 12, 2011

Tim Riley - Vocals/Guitar
Nolan Nunes - Bass
Vincent Amador - Guitar/Vocals
Travis Turpin - Drums

Recorded in August 2011 by Nathan Zemke in Carpinteria, CA




all rights reserved


Souvenirs California

Carpinteria, CA Est. 2011 •

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Track Name: Squeeze
Push things away for too long
They'll come back to squeeze you to death

So tired, un-hired, I'm displaced by the state you're in
And i've got a lot of things on my mind
Like how you plan to make it through this month
You hide the pain so well
But I know you better than you think I do

She found a ring, and gave it to me
She said "this was once yours"
Something I'd never seen
And then she told me,
"If you don't like it, then give it to the sea."

Your faith in ends meeting makes an example out of me
Track Name: Growing Out Of Your Favorite Shirts
I thought I knew what was best for me
Until I tried it out and I don't know a thing
Pushed you away, you should have saved yourself
But now we're sitting here, bit tongue in mouth

I slip my sly pride back into check
But its too late, this is such a mess

I'm leaning hard into this wind
It blows back at me, and chills my skin
I exaggerate to emphasize
My necessity to feel something inside

I slip my sly pride back into check
But its too late, this is such a mess
Lost at 22 I'm so unsure of my self
The shape of this place has seen better days

Gotta grow up without getting old
Track Name: Blood In The Water
Here we are another night goes down
On these dirty city streets in this stupid college town
Yet we're drawn to the crowds like blood in the water Looking for a chance to escape from boredom
It's me and everyone I know
Searching for something to break

I remember the time we stayed up all night
Yelling at everyone uptight
Oh well, this is not their town
You wanted me to come that night
I can't believe you held on so tight
Oh well, can't believe you now

And they'll say don't get involved with them

I wanna feel the heat in the summer
Shoes full of sand and living in the water
Never worried because we never cared
I've seen things I can't explain and done worse
I got things I'll never say, oh well
This is not your town

They'll say don't get involved with them
Don't get involved with us
Track Name: Sadder Days
Have I ever told you that when I see your face
It reminds me of the rain and sadder days

You wanted everything I gave
You wanted everything but me
You paint a bright picture to deceive
You wanted it all except for me

So close your eyes and suck it in
Cause I'm not alive unless I'm half way out my skin
You close your eyes, I just can't win
With your head in the clouds you let this happen again

This small house fills up with smoke so quick
Don't tell me all along you knew it
Track Name: Deep 6
I looked for comfort in your words
But you just showed distaste
And I know no man is an island
Eventually we all sink

I'm sinking
Won't you please save your unkind words
For your next wave

It's not like you to use words
To explain what needs fixed
If we were both at sea, babe
I'd say our little thing is deep six

I want to take back all the time spent thinking on you
I want to take back all the time spent wasted on you